Irish Tourism Training

Tour Director and Guide Training Programmes for the Irish Tourism Sector

Tour Director Training Programme

This intensive 24-day Tour Director Training Programme focuses on the full suite of skills required by Tour Directors for managing extended tours of Ireland. These include Communication, Presentation, Tour/Group Management and Tour Guiding/Interpretation. Ireland’s rich Cultural, Built and Natural Heritage will be examined, in addition to a wide spectrum of current issues. Subjects explored in detail include History, Literature, Architecture, Government, Economy, Folklore, Geography, Folklife, Natural Resources, Wildlife, Mythology and Archaeology. This will enhance each participant’s Knowledge Skills.

The programme consists of 16 days of Class/Workshop/Assessment Modules that incorporate image-rich PowerPoint presentations. Information sheets are provided. In addition, there are 6 Familiarisation Tours specifically designed to develop and enhance each participant’s Tour Management, Knowledge and Guiding / Presentation Skills. The programme is delivered and coordinated by Heritage Specialist, Author and International Guide, Vincent Butler, and runs from early December through to early February.

All classes are held in the West County Hotel,
Chapelizod, Dublin. Participants who successfully complete the Programme Assessments are awarded a CIE Tours International Tour Director Badge and Certificate.
Course Dates: tbc. Cost per person: €980

Tour Guide/Director Foundation Training Programme

Life on the Open Road.....Delivering a Professional Service


Morning : Programme Introduction
Course Registration
Course Overview
Professionalism and Preparation
Information Sources
Overview of Ireland’s Culture and  Heritage

Afternoon: Heritage Aware 1 – Ireland’s Prehistory
Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers - ca.7,500-4,000 BC
Neolithic Early Farming Communities - ca. 4,000-2,400 BC
The Bronze Age – ca. 2,400 – 600 BC
(Lifestyle, material culture, resources, houses, burial practices /tombs,
trade, art, field monuments, settlement)


Morning: Heritage Aware 2 – Ireland’s Early History
The Iron Age – ca. 600 BC – 500 AD
(Origins, Celtic Europe, societal structure, material culture, ritual,
Druids, kingship, field monuments, art)
Early Christianity
(Pagan Ireland, St. Patrick and his Christian Mission, Holy Wells,
Holy Trees, Early Monasteries, Round Towers, National Treasures)

Afternoon:  Tour Management - On the Frontline 1
Professionalism - The role of Ambassador
Pre-Tour Preparations
A Team Effort – Working with Service Providers

Morning: Heritage Aware 3 – Medieval Ireland
Pre-Norman Ireland – Society and  Economy
The Norman Invasion
Life under the Normans 
 The Black Death

Afternoon: Communication / Guiding Skills & Techniques
Coach / Site  / Walking Tour Guiding
Route Commentaries / Relevance / Sequencing
Route Preparation / Jogger Notes
Look-see / Lead-In / Linking
Creating a sense of Wonder / Highlighting

Day 4
Morning: Heritage Aware 4 – Reading the Irish Landscape
The Geological Framework - Overview of Ireland’s varied geology
Peatlands – Origins, Types, Formation
The Burren – Ireland’s Karst Landscape

Afternoon: Tour Management – On the Frontline 2
Customer Care – Going the Extra Mile
Rules of the Road – Drivers Hours
Group Management

Day 5

Pulling it all togetherBoyne Valley 
Familiarisation Tour 
Depart: West County Hotel – 9.00 am.

Guide: Vincent Butler

Route –  Itinerary

Dublin City North Quays
Monasterboice .....Site Visit
King William’s Glen
Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre  – Visit to Display area

Lunch: Brambles 12.45 – 1.30 pm.
Hill of Tara  – Site visit
West County Hotel eta. 5.00 pm.

The programme is delivered and coordinated by Heritage Specialist,
International Guide and Author, Vincent Butler. Classes, (Day 1-4), are held in the
West County Hotel, Chapelizod, Dublin, from 9.00 am. – 4.30 pm.
Course Dates: tbc. Cost per person: €360

Places are limited so Booking is Essential

For further details please contact Vincent Butler directly at


or Mobile: 087-2330966

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