Helping Our Homeless - A Gift for Schools

Help the Simon Community in their sterling work providing vital services for our homeless.

Sixty Photographs for Simon

 I wrote ‘Sixty Photographs for Simon’ in 2018 to help raise funds for the
Simon Community.

The book is an eclectic collection of images harvested from an extensive
archive that I have compiled over a period of two decades. Twenty-five
countries are represented in a broad geographical sweep which encompasses the Arctic, Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, South America, Antarctica, and Asia. Each of the 60 photographs is accompanied by a short text which provides succinct details about various aspects of the image.

Textured and multi-layered, the photographs include stunning landscape vistas, intimate cultural vignettes, and captivating wildlife encounters. They are a celebration of the intricate and mutually dependent tapestries of natural and
human diversity that exist on our wonderful planet and draw attention to the
uniqueness, fragility, and precious nature of both.

Tim Severin, the Irish explorer made famous for his ‘Brendan Voyage’ across
the North Atlantic some years ago in a skin covered boat, very kindly wrote the

Copies can be purchased on-line using the link here. All money raised goes directly to the Simon Community who work with our homeless. 

Our promotional Video for Helping our Homeless, A Gift  for Schools
can be viewed at the Link Below

Helping Our Homeless – A Gift for Schools

I am hoping that you might consider contributing to my fund to help the Simon Community in their sterling work providing vital services for our homeless.
I have launched a fundraiser called Helping Our Homeless - A Gift for Schools. For every €20 raised through donations to my JustGiving fund, I will gift a copy of my book ‘Sixty Photographs for Simon’ on behalf of the Simon Community to a school. Information rich, the book is a valuable teaching resource brim-full of material for projects and classwork. There are 4,016 schools countrywide and working closely with the Simon Community we are hoping to gift a copy of the book to every single one of them.

To clarify, I am not asking people to donate €20 to cover a book. If you can, fine, but no donation is too small. Every Euro counts. The Sahara Desert covers an area of around 3.5 million square miles. It began with a single grain of sand! So, if you have a spare couple of euros that you can send in it will make a huge difference to so many. Donations can, and actually do, save lives. Your financial support will not only help the Simon Community in their work with our homeless but also our young scholars who have recently experienced so much uncertainty and disruption due to the COVID crisis.

Please help me get word out there about the project by forwarding this link and the links to the fund pages below. Please share it with family and friends if you
are on social media. It only takes a moment and would be a huge help. The wider the cast - the greater the catch!

Many thanks.
Best, Vincent