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Seashells and lots More on the Seashore 

A Teaching Resource

My series of short videos provides captivating facts and snippets of information

on a wide range of the amazing creatures whose home is the seashore. Sea urchins, whales, shellfish, sharks, seabirds, dolphins, crabs, sea anemones, barnacles, cuttlefish, jellyfish, and lots more are detailed.

I hope you find them useful as an alternative activity in lieu of field trips that may have had to be cancelled due to current restrictions and that your young students enjoy these ‘virtual’ tours to the shore.

To view the videos simply click on the links provided below.
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Happy exploring, discovering, and collecting!!

Video 1 - Rocking and Rolling

Vincent details some of the amazing inhabitants of rock pools, including limpets, winkles, dog whelks, mussels, hermit crabs and sea anemones.

Video 2 - Shifting Sand on Sandy Shores

Sandy shores are often littered with the shells and other remains of sea creatures. Vincent showcases a variety of marine life including whelks, scallops, cowries, barnacles, boring sponges, keel worms, rock-boring
shellfish, and cuttlefish.

Video 3 - The Upper Crust

A variety of crabs, starfish and sea urchins are the main stars in this video. Encased in hard outer shells or exoskeletons, their extraordinary lives are explored and detailed.

Video 4 - A Whale of a Story

We go very large in this video with a look at whales, dolphins and the elusive and mysterious basking shark. Vincent illustrates his narrative with captivating specimens from his own collection.

Video 5 - Some High Flyers

Vincent provides an array of amazing facts about some of our seabirds including the puffin, fulmar, gannet, and cormorant and the lives they lead along the coast.

Video 6 - A chip off the old block

The ancient stories of the shoreline are written in its geology. Vincent explains about a variety of the different interesting rocks and minerals that can be found along the shore.

Video 7 - A splash in the past

If its fossils that catch your interest, go no further! Using a selection of fine specimens from his own private collection, Vincent takes us on a deep-time journey to explore prehistoric sea creatures.

Video 8 - Just Bobbing Along

Each tide brings a new cargo of interesting objects to the shore. Vincent explains about some rare items that can be found and their amazing stories, including coconuts and sea-beans transported thousands of kilometres to our shores in the water of the Gulf Stream.

Video 9 - Pottering About

An avid beachcomber, Vincent gives insights and advice on collecting and displaying the interesting and varied items that can be found along the shore, a go-to for any young budding naturalist or geologist!!

Sixty Photographs for Simon

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